iHeart - Heart Rate Monitor App

Would you like to track your heart rate without a separate heart rate monitor? The iHeart - Instant Heart Rate app is a perfect solution for you. With this app, you can uses your cell phone's camera flash to measure your heart rate accurately in seconds.

How Heart Rate Monitor App Works?

Place a finger over the camera of your cell phone or other mobile devices, and iHeart - Instant Heart Rate App will detect your pulse based on the change of color of your fingertip. It shows the result within 10 seconds.

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What should you do before using the app?

First please set your age and gender, and then it can calculate your heart rate zones. To take a reading, just open the app and place your finger over the back camera of your device.

How often should you use the app?

You are supposed to use iHeart - Instant Heart Rate App daily to measure heartbeat or pulse accurately. It is recommended that you tag your heart rate after going to bed or during workouts, and thus you can learn about your heart rate at different time intervals.

What is a normal heart rate or heartbeat?

A normal resting heart beat ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). Heart rate can vary in different circumstances, such as stress, anxiety, depression, emotions, activity level, fitness level, body composition, and medication use. You must learn about your heart rate variability to measure stress on your body.

5) Is there any requirement for the mobile device?

The app works best with a mobile device that has an LED flash. But don't worry. If there is not an LED flash on your device, please use it in a brightly lit area, such as outdoors or next to a window.

6) What is the difference between the free app and the paid version?

If you have the paid version for just a few dollars, you can store your results, view graphs, and share your results via email and social media.

Important Notes:

1) There is no substitute for a dedicated heart rate monitor with chest strap for accurate, continuous heart rate measurement. If you require first aid, have a medical emergency, heart attack, or cardiac event (when CPR required), please consult your doctor or primary care physician as soon as possible.

2) Resting pulse oximeter is not intended for heart disease or condition diagnosis (afib, heart murmur).

3) Heart beat detection does not detect blood pressure. If you want to measure blood pressure, please use a hemopiezometer.

4) Resting heart beat is not intended for baby heart rate. If you intend to measure a baby's heart rate, please use a device especially made for baby heart beat.

5) This app is not a continuous heart rate monitor. If you want instant readings throughout a workout, you need a heart rate monitor with a chest strap sensor.