45 Degree Joint Router Bit Woodworking Cutter Tool

45 Degree Joint Router Bit Woodworking Cutter Tool

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Make frames, boxes, right angle and parallel angle joints with this lock miter router bits! To join materials at 90° by cutting a 45° miter and a perfect matching tongue & groove glue joint.

MUST-HAVE WOODWORKING TOOL: This joint not only increases mechanical strength, but also increases glue surface area and automatically aligns parts. It will help you create many different kinds of woodwork, including study drawers, benches, legs, and so on.

SUPER SMOOTH AND EFFORTLESS CUTTING: In the working procedure, the miter cutting tool helps prevent the built-up of sawdust while it rotates with high speed and cuts through a material or surface. Once you finish, the freshly cut surface will be smooth and splinter-free.

SHARP & DURABLE: Made of solid metal, this miter cutter will not bend, corrode, or wear down, and the blades won't lose their sharpness even used frequently.

No matter you are professional carpenters, wood wok beginners or DIY lovers, you will not regret to take it.


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