AShomie Easy Bathroom Storage Set and Organizer

AShomie Easy Bathroom Storage Set and Organizer

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AShomie Easy Bathroom Storage Set and Organizer is not just a toothbrush holder. It's a space-saving design that keeps your bathroom accessories (razor, toothbrush, toothpaste) safe! It keeps your toothbrush hygienic, dry and clean. Perfect for every bathroom!

With the set you can place your bathroom utensils where you want them, whether at the mirror, on the tiles or directly under the shower. The whole thing is done without sticking or drilling in a few steps. Quite simply - and you have order in the bathroom.

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Main Features:

  • The self-adhesive storage organizer set combines toothbrush holdershaver and jewelry bowl in one
  • Easy installation: simply press on shiny surfaces such as glass, marble, metal and tiles and you're done!
  • Versatile: great for home, travel, hotels, gyms etc.
  • Material: silicone
  • Environmentally friendly: reusable and machine washable
  • Various colors for you to choose!