SENTRO Knitting Machine For Gloves,Scarves,Hats...

SENTRO Knitting Machine For Gloves,Scarves,Hats...

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Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

Now you can knit and design your own scarf, hatsgloves and even a sweater with this knitting machine without any skills in 30 minutes

A hand-made Christmas gift would be meaningful for who you love!


Product Feature:

🌠Knitting is super easy and comfortable with SENTRO knitting machine. Quickly knit flat or round. Even beginners will be proud of their work within minutes: scarves, gloves,hats,patchwork pullovers and vests, gauntlets for arms and legs...

🌠Discover the pleasure of knitting! Knit your own fashionable designs

🌠The Set Contains: knitting machine, 4 yarn balls, crochet hook, wool & yarns needle, instruction.

🌠Professional features 48 needles, With its larger diameter, you can create even more personalised knitted pieces with a few turns of the hand

🌠Hand crank operation needs no batteries, Create a flat or round stitch in seconds

🌠Product Assembly Dimensions (L x W x H): 41 x 39 x 23 cm, Shipping Weight: 2.5 kg

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