Six-sided Aluminum Measuring Tool, Tile Hole Locator

Six-sided Aluminum Measuring Tool, Tile Hole Locator

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The brand new upgraded ruler is coming! Multi-functional and convenient as it is, it will eliminate tedious, repetitive measures and wastage of material from inaccurate cuts.

Six-fold Ruler: The upgraded ruler has six-piece and six metal knobs that can fit more shapes. More flexible!!!

New Function: A tile positioning holes opener. You can use the circle and square on the head to locate offset box or others accurately.

Easy-to-use: Just place it on your work area, slide it into the shape you need, and tighten the screws. It eliminates the need for making stencils and can be reused unlimited times.

Wide Application: It also works great on carpentry, brick, tile, wood, glass, stone, laminate, construction & engineering projects and much more! You can create layouts in tiling, bricking, paving stone, lumbering, laminating and so on!

High Quality: Made of premium aluminum alloy material, our ruler will not rust easily and enjoy a longer using time.

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