Universal Wireless Charger Receiver

Universal Wireless Charger Receiver

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Note: If your mobile phone cannot support Qi wireless charging, please purchase a suite of the wireless receiver and pad.

Enjoy the Latest Qi Wireless Charging with your Android Phone compatible with One Plus, Samsung, Sony and all other Android Phones like iPhoneX!

Why Choose Qi Wireless Charger to Install your android Phone? 

EASY TO USE: Plug the receiver pad coil into the micro USB of the phone, then place the receiver pad coil above the the back cover. Effortless Charging your phone for Cord-free Convenience. What you need to do is just attach the Wireless Charging Receiver Module on the phone battery or inside the phone case. 

COMPATIBILITY: Works with most Qi Standard wireless charger charging pads (not included). Easy assembly and dis-assembly to share with your friends and family. No interfere with other functions of the Smartphone. PORTABLE: Ultra-thin and light weight design, easy to install. Fit easily under the back of the phone, laying directly over the battery. No need change your phone cover and say no to bulk. It is really a wonderful choice for you. 

CABLE FREE: Charged and ready to go. Tangled, incompatible power cords disappear with wireless power charging technology. Simply place your phone (have already inserted the receiver) on a compatible wireless charging pad (not included) and charging starts. 

Main Features:

- Safe and rapid recharging without interruption or high temperature. High-quality pure copper coils are used for rapid transmission
- Fitting in soft and mild fiber to prevent your mobile phone from scratches and provide comfortable usages
- Durable connector. Bending-resistant/Folding-resistant/Insertion-resistant/unplugging-resistant


Material: Microfiber
Color: Black
Output: 5V/1A
Fixed position: Back of phone
Suitable for: Phones without charging function

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