Waterproof Solder Wire Connector

Waterproof Solder Wire Connector

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Well, for people who would like to repair wires, this product is a brilliant INVENTION! These Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors can repair almost all the wires and easy friendly for users; you don’t need any TECHNICAL background!


Main Features:

  • EASY TO USE: strip the wires, insert them into the connector and apply heat to seal. Comply with all relevant standards.
  • WATERPROOF & INSULATION: Polyolefin Tubing+Hot Melt Rings effectively improve waterproof performance
  • HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH: Tubing reduces in size and solder will melt and flow through the stripped wires, ensure strong holding - the wires will not slip out of the connector.
  • APPLIED IN DIFFERENT AREAS: Can be used in automotive, marine, electrical and electronics industries.
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGN: The transparent sleeves make it easier to insert wires.

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